Liverpool striker Divock Origi says he’s determined to make the most of his talent.

The Belgian admits he’s always studying other strikers.

He told the Daily Mail: “Every striker has qualities.

“Look at the aggression of (Diego) Costa; the runs that (Edinson) Cavani makes. The finishing of (Harry) Kane. Even from the young guys who are coming up. You have to be open to learn from everybody. I analyse my game a lot. I watch my clips on my iPad.

“I look at all the striker here. Daniel (Sturridge) has a lot of finishing skills, so maybe that makes people not think about his passing skills. But he has got a lot of passing skills. A lot. He can eliminate a defender and put a striker through on goal. Nearly every time I play with Daniel, I enjoy my game.

“I speak with the boss a lot. After training I go to the gym. Your body has to be strong in this league. When I’m at home I put compression boots on, sit down, relax and watch a game. I’m religious, I read the bible a lot. I’ll go to the pool and swim to recover. Ice baths, eating well. That is everything.”