Chelsea attacker Eden Hazard is enjoying his football this season.

Hazard is the player who has completed the most take-ons in the Premier League in 2016/17. His 71 is one more than Crystal Palace‘s Wilfried Zaha.

“It is natural, I play with instinct,” Hazard told “I don’t think about I need to do this or I need to do that. Once I have the chance to do something, it is instinct it depends on – sometimes I dribble, sometimes I pass the ball. I see a guy who is in the better place to shoot, I pass the ball. And when I dribble I don’t look at the balance of the opponent.

“It is my way to play,’ he says of his high total for take-ons. ‘I like to create some problems in the other defence. I like to touch the ball, I like to try to do something and sometimes I do, sometimes not but I know I am good when I go one against one, sometimes even one against two. I have got this quality so it is my style of play.’