A new Italian king for the Premier League? Likely yes. Even if Antonio Conte was head and shoulders easier to predict as a potential title winner than the total underdog Claudio Ranieri.

The manager from Testaccio, the Rome neighborhood whom everyone in England and abroad has got to know, has done something that will remain in the history of football and in every sport forever and ever; but even the sergeant from Lecce is doing something that could write a page in the same romance. Maybe with less pictures or written with a lower font-size, but something that can stand the test of time.

First of all, he has been able to help Chelsea return again to the top of the league after the collapse of last season; then, but not in any order of importance, because he has been able to do it with many players coming from that awful season, being able to re-motivate them, to give them new drive and incentive.

And in some cases, he has figured out how to regenerate players who seemed to be completely lost and ready to depart for other seas. I’m referring to Diego Costa, of course. 13 goals in 17 Premier League matches, one more than what he scored last year in 28 matches; but, above all, a new dedication, the willingness to fight for each ball, the feeling of being again part of the team. Someone close to a reference point. A model for every teammate: everyone can have his chance with Antonio Conte.

For the Italian manager, it is unimportant the rumors or what gossips say or write about a player: for him there is only the training field, the daily hardwork and dedication, and the match. The pitch is the only judge, nothing else.

Then there is another key to his success, very close to him. Because from Conte to N’Golo Kante the step is very short. An engine that never stops, relentless, who works every ball with his feet, who’s able to offer pace to the team on the field and to become their lynchpin. Conte has seen in N’Golo the real crucial element and factor in the Leicester victory: and he decided to take him. At any price.

The outcome? A streak of eleven wins and with no hint of stopping.

And to become more sure of the possibility to win the title, Antonio Conte is ready to bet really high on the table of the challengers: he has ready to offer €50 million to have Arturo Vidal from Bayern Munich. I’ve got the feeling that the Chilean will hardly resist the call of his mentor, with whom he won the Serie A four times at Juventus.

Let’s see what will happen. I’m sure it will be only one of the many movements that we can expect from the January transfer window. We are ready to follow it, we will do it together: on Tribal Football, of course.

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