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Alderweireld and Sanchez for Chelsea?
In relation to the January transfer window article and it being a bit of a weird one, I thought I’d look at a few transfers that could conceivably happen but probably won’t, with a west London blue tint.

First up is in defence, now we’ve got Kurt Zouma to come back into the fold and I’m surprised at how well Alonso and Moses have done as wing-backs. That being said I feel that we still need a solid, experienced level-headed type of defender to replace Cahill and Luiz and take the role that JT had five or six years back. With Zouma either side of this person and Azpilicueta staying RCB I’d love to see a punt for Alderweireld come through, even if to unsettle him ahead of a summer transfer. If Spurs miss out on Champions League and Chelsea don’t, and potentially win the title, would he want to spend another year battling for top four at Spurs? He could conceivably slot right in and win the Prem and battle for the Champions League trophy next season with Chelsea (and probably get a whacking great pay rise at the same time)

Another cheeky bid would be 50mil and £1 for Alexis Sanchez. Your recent article about him outgrowing Arsenal, and his recent contract negotiations highlight his worth to Arsenal being more than they will offer him. At Chelsea however, between Hazard, Willian and then Sanchez we’d have a front three to support Costa and rival Barca and Real Madrid’s forward lines.

In midfield I’d probably shoot for a Cesc/Matic combo type player that’s required. How about a bid for Adrien Rabiot from PSG? Given their troubles this season, and the fact he’s not a guaranteed starter, would the last six months of this season be good to get used to Conte’s methods ahead of being number 1 next year?

Couple these three with the departure of Oscar to China (£60m) Ivanovic to Tony Pulis (£3-5m) John Obi Mikel to West Ham (?) or Sunderland(?) (£7-10m) and could even ship out Cesc to our dear friends in China?

Before I get a backlash, these are one fan’s opinion of three transfers that probably wouldn’t happen, but in my opinion I think would be great for our squad as it stands right now.
Stefan, CFC London

Is Luiz better than Koscielny?
Had a conversation with a friend of mine who believes that David Luiz is simply a better defender than Laurent Koscielny. His main point being that Luiz has won more trophies than Koscielny. In light of Chelsea’s recent form, He is even more convinced that he is right. Now despite f365 efforts to call out Luiz’s doubters, I still believe he’s just a beneficiary of Conte’s system. I have not seen him make any significant difference; positive or negative.

While credit is due to Luiz for adapting to the system, I would like to know if anyone else thinks he’s actually better than Koscielny and why. Also please explain why the f**k anyone would think titles reflect individual ability. (Also stated that Rooney’s better than Sanchez, at which point I simply walked away).
Victor A (long-time rea……)

Klopp: Not all that
Alright then, reductive champion of the day, MV, New Delhi.

So, Jose struggled with Chelsea last season yes, ‘If you recall Jose took a team that won the league to a relegation fight the following year’ Okay then MV, who exactly managed that Chelsea side to the title in the first place??

Your tone clearly attempts to portray Jose as the man who inherited a title-winning side and then stuffed it up.

And Klopp never struggled at Dortmund did he, after all those special seasons, he never had a horrible season himself, with the group of players who apparently loved and worshipped him. No, he took a side that was challenging for the Champions League the season before, and took them into a relegation scare for most of his last season. (and they weren’t the top scorers in Europe either lad).

You are making statements as if they apply to the entire careers of both, for each season of their careers without any exception. Which is more than a little narrow-minded and reductive.
Manc in SA (Wow hey, Liverpool fans! In SECOND place and going hysterical as if you have won the title, do you even remember that you need to finish FIRST to win, not second guys?? You don’t seem to be aware at all)

…Just to put the cat amongst the Klopp-loving-pigeons, I’ll tell you what else differs between Jose and Klopp.

Jose has what I’d estimate at about four wheelbarrows full of trophies. Klopp could carry his. Jose won more at Porto alone!

Nothing quite tickles me like a Liverpool supporter uttering the words ‘net spend’, just lovely.

Disclaimer: I actually find Jose’s other mentioned actions reprehensible and am not defending them, merely comparing another aspect of the two managers.
John, (he may be a miserable, rotten sod but his our miserable rotten sod) MUFC, Australia

…Interesting responses to James, Cape Town, in the mailbox today.

Good to see Liverpool fans destroying the cliche that they’re a bunch of precious, overly mawkish, humourless children obsessed with net spend purely because it’s the only financial stat they can use to try and feel superior.

Can’t wait for the media fabricated myth that ‘every neutral is willing Liverpool on’…they’re not. They’re really, really not.
Andy, Portsmouth

Create your perfect player
I’ve got a game for mailboxers this Thursday afternoon (and I’ve realized this is the only time I can get published, Thursdays are lean times for the editor). The game’s purpose is to create your own ultimate player in whichever position. The rules are simply

1) State the position of your ultimate player (e.g. DM, CM, CF, Left back etc)

2) Combine the aspects of different players from the premier league in a similar position to create said player.

3) Name him if you wish.

I’ll gladly start.
Position – CF
Finishing – Diego Costa
Aerial ability – Peter Crouch
Strength – Romelu Lukaku
Pace – Theo Walcott
Dribbling – Alexis Sanchez

If only.
Emmanuel Akena

Thinking of Rodrigo…
With all these recent horrible tackles going on in football, it might be apt to spare a thought for one Rodrigo Possebon.

Startlingly, he’s now 27 but has (according to Wikipedia) only played 29 career league games. He looked like a very exciting player when we snapped him up, and in the few games he played he looked really something special, very composed and interesting for someone so young.

Then in a game against Middlesbrough, Pogatetz did him with a nasty challenge. He was 19. He never recovered, though probably the main damage was mentally rather than physically.

If there is a point, it’s that these challenges need to be driven out of football. They are not just part of the game, they can destroy footballers entire careers in an instant of red mist.

Think on that, Rojo and Barkley.
Guy S

Honesty is the best policy
I enjoyed today’s Quote Unquote on the subject of Sir Alex Ferguson and his assertion that “When [Italians] tell me it’s pasta, I still check under the sauce to make sure”.

Presumably it was Sir Alex’s desire for honesty from everyone he comes into contact with that led him to become involved in horse racing.
Ed Quoththeraven

A final thought
I had a hot and spicy curry last night, and they’d put loads of cinnamon in it. It wasn’t particularly nice, and I wouldn’t recommend it.
Jeremy (Um, and putting cinnamon in a curry is like West Ham signing loads of weird attacking players, and no right-back or something. Zaza is a Lamb Bengal Flame. That’s it.) Aves

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